Core’s Experience

We get below
the surface.

We create solutions that drive transformational change at the core of individuals and ultimately organisations.

Our Team

Core works across the entire leadership agenda, from first line managers to senior leadership teams, to build strong, sustainable organisations.  

We are Kate, Jeremy, Gordon and Carson, four individuals with local and global leadership experience, that have come together to bring Core Leadership to our existing and future clients. Our common purpose is driven by the joy we all get from making a tangible and significant difference in peoples lives by unlocking their potential. We simply leave them in a better place.

Our backgrounds are diverse, from manufacturing, finance, management consultancy and coaching to ministry, mediation and conflict resolution. Our diversity delivers a unique insight and wide spectrum of experiences and learning for us to share with our clients in North America, UEA, SE Asia, UK and Europe. Together we have over 100 years of Industry leadership experience to share with you, we speak business language not jargon, we will challenge you to have courageous real conversations that will positively impact on you, your team and organisation. We believe the strength of your leadership drives the performance of your organisation. Leaders today need to become similar to athletes, strong, focussed, resilient and capable of greater performance over a sustained period of time. We build strength through our leadership conditioning process that focuses on developing three key areas: Self, Team & Organisation.

Our purpose is to make a tangible difference to every leader, person and organisation we engage with so that we can unlock their potential and help to build a lasting legacy.

Are you ready for a conversation?

Meet the Core Leadership Team - Kate Marshall

Kate Marshall


Kate is a highly experienced Facilitator, Coach and Mentor to Executives, Boards and Leadership teams in Ireland, UK and North America. Kates’ experience as a Business Leader through various senior executive and Director roles with focus on growth has enabled her to support, challenge, develop and implement strategies that deliver results for her clients. Her passion is building “Business Athletes” – taking executives and teams to the top of their game to deliver sustainable growth.

Kate is a Vistage Chair and Speaker working locally and globally with organisations. She is an experienced conference facilitator and key note Speaker on Leadership and achieving business and personal success.

For Core, Kate specialises in working with senior people in organisations where she believes transformational change in an organisation can be best realised.

Meet the Core Leadership Team - Jeremy Gardiner

Jeremy Gardiner


Jeremy is a highly effective facilitator, trainer and executive coach, with extensive experience in developing skills and competencies within individuals and teams throughout the private, public and third sectors on an international stage. He has a unique ability to connect with individuals at any level, while challenging them to search for solutions to complex situations. As a professional coach he brings a clear understanding of how psychology interacts with both individual and the relationships that exist within the organisation. Therefore, enabling the system to function better and increase overall performance.

Jeremy has worked with leadership teams globally including Thales, EPO, CDK Global, Citigroup and RBS Group.

Jeremy specialises in clarifying Core’s business functions and training cycles to support you throughout the process.

Meet the Core Leadership Team - Carson Mulholland

Carson Mulholland


Carson is a highly commercial and experienced facilitator and Executive Coach having managed senior teams during his 20 year career within professional services, banking and manufacturing sectors. Carson began his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. He has led and managed senior teams across a number of functions including finance, operations and business development. He brings strong financial, commercial and strategic experience to the development of high performance teams.

He works creatively with senior executives and leadership teams challenging them to be authentic and inspirational leaders performing at their optimum.

Carson brings a solid financial grounding to Core, with an intimate knowledge of the commercial aspect of business and it’s impact on an organisation.