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Driving Performance through Leadership

We build relationships, based on trust, to really understand the challenges you face within your business. We recognise the importance of leadership to success and design and deliver leadership programmes that will have the greatest impact on your people and, ultimately, your organisation.

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Whether it is personal, team or organisational, development always begins by asking two simple questions: What do you want to achieve? And Where are you now? 

Answering these two questions identifies the gap that exists between ambition and reality. And that enables the creation of an impactful and appropriate plan, and ultimately commitment to its delivery.

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We believe that you know your business best.  That is why we design every solution in partnership with our clients, reflecting the specific strategic context in which they operate.

We provide the essential psychological frameworks and skills that give your people the confidence to achieve their ambitions. 

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How you start each programme greatly impacts the outcomes you achieve. Successful delivery begins with creating the right environment, where participants are safe to express their views and engage openly. 

This is where our exceptional facilitators, coaches and mentors bring tremendous added value. The Core team devotes time and energy to building strong relationships with all those involved.  

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Evaluation is based on one question: what change has resulted from the development programme? 

We answer this using Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model: Reaction – was the programme engaging? Learning – did the programme increase the participants’ level of confidence? Behaviour – do participants now behave differently in their roles? Results – did the programme meet the organisational objectives? 

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